Catch it at Nickel Plate Arts Before It’s "Going ...Going ... Gone"

Jun 05, 2013

“Going…Going…Gone” is a fully improv “live auction comedy” that allows the audience to get in on the fun by bidding on props — and taking home the items they win. And this week it makes its Nickel Plate Arts debut June 7 at 5 p.m.!

The action takes place during the final day of Ed’s Auction House. The business was run for 40 years by Ed Joseph and now that he’s dead, the doors are closing for good. The will stipulated that everything must go, so his family and friends have no choice: They must auction off everything to the audience, which has been provided with play money for bidding.

Of course, to keep things lively, “Going…Going…Gone” offers some entertaining variables:
1. The cast. A different set of actors perform at each show, which means it’s never the same show twice.
2. The characters. Each set of actors plays different characters, which means it’s never the same show twice.
3. The props. Each performance has a new set of items to be auctioned off, which means … well, you get the picture. Adding to the mayhem is the fact that the actors don’t know what’s in the boxes until they open them on stage. In other words, they have to figure out a way to connect these items to Ed and auction them off to the audience ON THE SPOT.
4. The money. Upon entering the theater space, audience members are given about $25-$35 in play money (not everybody gets the same amount because, hey, this is America). This money is used to bid on the items during the auction. And if you place the winning bid? You take home the item you won, whether it’s a stuffed boar’s head, a classic of Western literature in fine leather binding, a copy of Bobby Darin’s greatest hit on vinyl or … who knows? Sometimes the bidding wars get fierce … and hilarious.

Since attracting sell-out crowds at the 2012 Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival, “Going…Going…Gone” has been playing monthly at the Indy Fringe Basile Theatre in downtown Indianapolis. Created and produced by Two First Name Productions — aka, Lou Harry and John Thomas — the show has featured some of Indy’s best and gutsiest talents — including actors you’ve seen at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Actors Theatre of Indiana and the Phoenix Theatre.

The audience is an integral part of the show. As such, “Going…Going…Gone” offers the following audience member instructions:

You know that cash you got when you came in the door? It’s very useful for bidding on the objects offered for auction. And as you bid, please bear in mind the following:
• Not everyone starts with the same amount of money. Yep: Just like in the real world. Deal with it. Or make friends. Or buy another ticket for more stash.
• Don’t be shy. You are a part of the show. But don’t be obnoxious. You’re not the whole show.
• Even if you don’t really want something, consider bidding anyway to force the people who do want it to bid higher. It’s fun to be annoying to complete strangers.
• Is some jerk across the room bidding things up so high you can’t afford them? You are more than welcome to pool your money with other audience members to increase your bids.
• Please help us be fiscally sound by returning unused money as you exit.

Most important, enjoy the show, and come see it again at the IndyFringe Theatre Festival Aug. 15-25 in downtown Indianapolis. Also watch for our other IndyFringe production, “The High-Impact Infidelity Diet.”

Get a glimpse of past shows at

“I was so swept up in the action I was howling with laughter … What a fun show!” – online comments at

“I laughed so hard my face ached by the end of the show. This is structured improv with a brilliant built-in audience participation.” – online comments at

“This was one of the funniest and enjoyable productions I've ever been to (participated in).” – Facebook comment

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